Most of us would agree that digitalisation is the solution to many of our problems. Yet few of us question what it is we’re actually trying to solve and for whom. A new handbook seeks to beat a more human path through the digital jungle.

Per Axbom has a background as a communications scientist and in many countries is a well-known figure in fields such as UX, digital usability andaccessibility.

“When we talk about digitalisation, it’s always about making things more efficient. This makes me frustrated as we forget the human users and their needs. It stands to reason that we should work on the basis of people’s needs and wellbeing, but it’s not the case.”

Per Axbom was born in Liberia and raised in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. This experience, he says, has made him realise that there are always many ways to view the world.

“It’s alarming how we focus on doing things in the right way – on improving methods and making them more efficient. Unfortunately, this makes us forget to do the right thing – that which keeps us on the right course. Because of this, people are compromised, treated unjustly, excluded and lured into making unnecessary purchases.”

About the author

For the past twenty years, Per has trained digital professionals and helped organisations with issues relating to digital usability and accessibility. He teaches at Nackademin and Jönköping University in Sweden, has produced over two hundred podcasts and is a regularly invited speaker the world over. Digital Compassion is his first printed book.

About the publisher

Eget Förlag publishes small, quickly read handbooks under the maxim knowledge in no time. The company was founded in 2011, is based in Norrköping, Sweden, and has published over forty books. High-res photos of the book and author are available from

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